Going from $1-5M is one of the hardest things business leaders will ever do. Just like typical teenage years, the decisions you make at this crucial stage of the business lifecycle impact your trajectory years later. Are you prepared to manage the constant change and risk inherent in this level of growth?

In this exciting presentation, entrepreneur Chris Dyer offers invaluable advice for safeguarding companies against the pitfalls and challenges of reaching the $5M threshold. As CEO of one of Inc.’s Fastest-Growing Companies, and an experienced consultant with top organizations, Chris reveals a wealth of knowledge on how to stay true to your mission and values while everything else is in flux. Sharing stories and lessons from a variety of businesses, Chris shows how to quickly identify whether something is helping or hurting the business so that you can immediately adjust before damage is done. From growing organically or taking on investors, to when to hire key people, to how to leverage a company’s unique story to engage both employees and customers, Chris covers a range of topics that impact success.

The people and processes that brought you success will not be enough to make it to the next level, so the ball is in your court to bridge the gap! Come learn how.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding when you’re ready to hire for key senior roles, and whether you need to recruit externally
  • Expanding and evolving business operations without losing the essence of what’s driving success
  • Carving out the right amount of time for strategy, creative thinking, and innovation
“Chris is a world-class speaker. His presentations are straightforward and often with a startling sense of humor.”
Kim Shepherd, CEO, Decision Toolbox
“Chris is an engaging and creative storyteller. His passion for talent and culture continues to engage the audience, while having spot-on implications for anyone looking to improve.”
William Tincup, SPHR, CEO at Tincup & Co, Writer for Fistful of Talent

“Passionate and engaging”

“Wonderful style! Love the company stories.”

“Very knowledgeable with unique insight.”

“He was so funny and made it applicable to real work”

“Loved it!”

“Best workshop! Dove deep into culture and ideas.”

“Great content - very well prepared and presented.”

“Relatable real words. Simple slides, great presentation.”

“Very engaging”

“Excellent examples and stories”

“Great insight and advice”

“Great info! Confident speaker with light humor who kept it interesting.”