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The Importance of Fostering Good Managers – HR Review

For employees, favoritism—or the perception of it—is one of the biggest bugaboos about managers.

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Big things to look out for in 2019 – HR Review

From top employment lawyers to recruitment and business transformation experts, we have rounded up exclusive content on the big things HR professionals should look out for in 2019.

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Meaningful Mentoring – Flight Time

Experts explain how to add real value through mentorship.

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Wish you were here? – Flight Time

What does it take to create a workplace that people look forward to returning to each day?

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How to make your business innovate like a disruptive start-up – Business Matters

Of course, most companies want to grow quickly, but how can you achieve scale without losing that innovative start-up mindset and agility, and is it possible for large organisations to still be disruptive? We spoke to five leading business experts to find out.

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What Businesses Can Learn from the Events of 2018: 5 Experts Share Their Insights – Irish Tech News

2018 will perhaps be remembered as a year of change, as political and social events around the world combined with major tech developments to create a climate of uncertainty. But what lessons will business leaders take away from the year?

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How to make culture a business priority – The London Economic

Is your company thriving? If not, a focus on culture could be just what you need to kick start the sales.  Any company can have great culture but it takes effort, time and patience to grow organically. If you are serious about culture then you simply have to make it a business priority.

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How thick is your employee handbook? The problem with well-intended rules – Real Business UK

Your employee handbook probably started out lean, just like your business. As your organisation matured, you may have added or tweaked rules here or there.  Look at the handbook now. Is it still in good shape? Or overweight?

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How Mentoring Others Can Help You – Association of MBAs

In most cases, a mentoring relationship is primarily seen as a benefit to the mentee, but actually, the mentor also has a lot to gain from such an arrangement. We spoke to a panel of experts to find out how they think mentoring others can be beneficial for you.

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How can employers fully embrace flexible working practices? – Employee Benefits

Flexibility in working practices in in high demand and accommodating this can influence an organization’s performance; but this takes careful planning to implement effectively.

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Podcast with Sue Dougan – Track Record

Chris says simply saying “thanks” and showing your gratitude to a workforce in very small ways can boost morale and company confidence – but says it’s not all about the free perks at work and having a corporate Sabbuteo table!

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Do You Speak Emoji? – London Business Journal

Those of us who communicate digitally do our best to type out our thoughts in a coherent and professional manner. But often, this isn’t enough to convey our true meaning.  Text alone creates space between ourselves and our audience.

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Communicating company culture: understanding the role of unique language in business – HR Zone

What language does your company speak? The unique buzzwords and phrases that your employees use could actually be the key to communicating your organisation’s culture to a wider audience.

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Great bosses do this for their remote employees – Regus

The benefits of a strong company culture are well known – engagement, productivity and loyalty to name a few. But, how can you ensure emotional investment from employees who are not in the office?

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Resilience = Brilliance: How to Build Your Resilience to Cope with Whatever Life Throws at You – Stream Publishing

We tend to think of Google, Apple, and similar giants in terms of success. But it is really their approach to failure – mistakes big and small – that helps strong companies dominate competitors.

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Creating “sticky” culture: how to drive lasting behavioral change – Emerald Insight

The paper aims to show how you can create a lasting cultural change within a company. In the author’s research into what comprises healthy culture in the world’s most successful businesses, the author identified seven crucial support pillars. Among these are leadership and management strategies that bolster employees mentally. These are what change people’s minds about how and why to perform well.

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Interview with CEO of PeopleG2 Chris Dyer – Top Podcast

From Stark Headquarters, in Irvine, California, in the heart of Orange County, brings you Episode 15 of The C-Life: Background Checks and Creating a Great Company Culture, CEO of People G2: Chris Dyer. In this episode, Tyler Mounce and Todd Vande Hei sit down with Chris Dyer and find out how his company makes background checks fun, and talk about his book in relation to creating a great company culture.

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Mimi Grant

Pillars of Corporate Culture Part 2 – VLOG by Mimi Grant

Concluding her examination of some of the best ways to enhance a corporate culture, in this vlog Mimi explores the final three “pillars” among Chris Dyer’s “7 Pillars of Company Culture” – transparency, measurement, and acknowledgement.

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Mimi Grant

Pillars of Corporate Culture Part 1 – VLOG by Mimi Grant

Building on a strong foundation, Mimi gives examples of how four of the “7 Pillars of Company Culture” – positivity, uniqueness, listening, and mistakes – help improve a company’s productivity, performance, and profit.

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Moments with Marianne

Chat with Chris Dyer – Moments with Marianne

Listen to the Moments with Marianne radio show, with host Marianne Pestana and special guest Chris Dyer, as they discuss Chris’ new book The Power of Company Culture: How Any Business Can Build a Culture that Improves Productivity, Performance and Profits.

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Thought Leaders, LLC – Great Leaders Say “Yes!”

Making a small shift in how you communicate with others can yield big results. A simple change from “no” to “yes, and…” will reframe your conversations in a positive light and open up new possibilities.

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Practice Business – Power hitters; developing a winning work-culture and building a cohesive team

Like any other enterprise, delivering healthcare begins with the people who are charged with making the wheels turn – you and your practice team. Get any group together, though, and you get a social structure that can make or break your efforts. A poor dynamic blocks progress, while an energised team, all moving in the same direction, propels performance. So, how can you get the whole team to play ball?

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Real Business – SME Culture Leaders 2018: Judge Chris Dyer on culture as the “living expression of shared convictions”

Dyer was one of seven judges of the recent 25 Culture Leaders List, a campaign produced by Real Business and breatheHR. You can read up more on the process of selection for the winners, here.  We caught up with Dyer to find out more about what he thinks makes a good company culture.

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Irish Tech News – Recognition v Reward: Which Drives the Best Results?

How does your company express gratitude to the people who show up every day to do their jobs? And don’t say it’s a paycheck. Researchers from Abraham Maslow to Daniel Pink have shown that salary alone won’t help employers retain their top talent. People need money to survive, but they also have an innate desire to belong to a group and to do things that serve a larger purpose than simply staying alive.

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Training Industry – Cultural Sea Change: How to Get Your Staff on Board

Many people like the idea of honing and promoting company culture – until they realize that it involves change. Unlike installing new software needed to stay competitive or choosing new office furniture, implementing a cultural program is neither mandatory nor optional but somewhere in between.

Even though you know that great culture keeps the best companies afloat, your team might not be on board with a new protocol that might seem strange or uncomfortable. So, how do you convince your people to take the leap and embark on a cultural journey?

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ABA Bank Marketing – How to Lead a Culture of Listening

Have you ever taken a joke the wrong way? Probably. That’s because we rarely say everything we mean verbally. For humor and irony to come across, for example, we might rely on a combination of speech, facial and body expression, context, and assumptions about the listener. These same aids inform the listener’s perspective. This larger interpretive approach helps people decode the words we do use. Now consider how the banking industry has increasingly moved toward online services and platforms—internet-based arenas that limit communication to print or spoken speech. Clients and service personnel are often physically remote. One option is left to managers, employees, vendors, and customers who wish to be heard and to fully understand the speaker: more thoughtful listening.

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Businessing Magazine- Baby Steps or Giant Leaps? Using Culture to Hack Performance

In many companies, corporate culture takes a backseat—until something goes wrong. When I sit down with CEOs to help them deconstruct the question “How did we get here?”, one simple regret is uttered every time. With the benefit of hindsight, that wise CEO says, “I wish I had paid attention to our culture from the start.” By contrast, those who lead top companies understand the power and impact that a dynamic workplace culture can have. There is no substitute for assembling awesome people aligned with your goals, who believe in you and your company. It is this supportive culture that separates the good enterprises from the bad, and the great from the aspiring. But it doesn’t happen by accident.

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Thrive Global – Too Much Control

Companies that start out with too many restrictions on employees may see them leave in higher than typical numbers. In reviewing HR management practices, I was shocked at the volume of time, space and paper wasted on regulating things such as lunch breaks, holidays, work hours, communication formats, dress code and other behavior-conforming rules. In an effort to fix their own errors, they may mistake control for good business practices. They might add new rules and restrictions, and assemble a team of enforcers. The resulting negative, toxic energy drains the well-being of the company and limits what it can do for customers, vendors and the community. Soon, ‘command and control’ becomes the default management style. How does it work? And how does it contribute to poor company culture?

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Great Leadership – A Hippie, a Neuroscientist, and Your Favorite Boss Walk into a Bar…

To insert a little fun, my team and I often take three types of people, and imagine what they might have in common, or what they might discuss at a bar. This is a fun way to get people talking, and to loosen up the mood at any meeting. Who would order the drink with a fancy umbrella? Who might get a club soda? Who suggests shots? What on Earth would they talk about? Through my own research, and many conversations with some of the best in leadership, a clear story begins to unfold as we imagine a hippie, a neuroscientist, and a favorite boss.  There is a underlying motto they follow which allows them to succeed in their own lives. They can also specifically teach us something about how to lead our own teams. So, what is this mysterious force binding them together?

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People Management – It’s time to extinguish negative company cultures

Reacting to serial crises is exhausting and mentally debilitating. You’re always in attack mode, waiting for the next catastrophe. No wonder businesses that operate this way hemorrhage employees. It’s a morale killer.  Putting out fires is, of course, a necessary evil in any enterprise. But focusing on damage control prevents leaders from doing proactive work to meet and exceed company goals, and the accompanying negative mindset permeates an organisation. Don’t get caught in this vicious cycle. One strategy can both reduce the incidence of operational flare-ups and prevent a negative spiral.

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Critical Mass Radio Show – The Power of Company Culture: Insights from Author Chris Dyer

Culture is the foundation for success in any organization, so it’s no surprise that companies with the strongest cultures earn top rankings on several lists including “best places to work.” Chris Dyer is here to discuss his book The Power of Company Culture and the impact of culture on a firm’s overall success. Here are three takeaways from our time with Chris Dyer on Critical Mass Radio Show.

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Management Today – Fail well: How to handle business mistakes

Looking at how companies deal with mistakes is like staring deep into their souls. Corporations that emphasise culture seem to take failure in their stride, while everyone else falls flat on their faces. Suppose your employee was trying to do something great, and instead failed. What if that mistake cost you money or a client account? How would your organisation deal with that? Assuming you cringed at this scenario, here are 10 ways you could handle mistakes positively – and suck a lot less.

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Skip Richard Leadership Insights – The Power of Company Culture

In more posts than I can count, I have written, discussed, and interviewed authors on the importance of organizational culture. A powerful culture fuels an organization to achieve greatness. When a new book by Chris Dyer hit my desk, I was interested to see the author’s view of culture and his interpretation of the latest research. Chris didn’t disappoint. The book takes the reader on a thoughtful overview of culture and shows the practical steps to take to improve yours in record time. I recently spoke with Chris about his work on company culture.

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The Smart Manager – The impact of connection

Early in my time as an entrepreneur, I knew company culture was important, but I did not bother to learn about and appreciate its deep complexity. It was not until the 2009 United States recession that I was forced to look at it more closely. I knew I needed an edge in order to survive the economic siege. This sent me head-first into research, reflection, and bit of awakening. There must be a new way to run my company, and the change had to come from within.

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Omny.fm (podcast) – The 7 things you must know to create a great company culture

In this episode, we discuss how to change the culture in an organisation and why it’s important to take staff along on the journey. (Key takeaways start at 36:40.)

Listen to the podcast.

HR Zone – Remote control: how to build culture across a team of remote workers

While nailing down culture is a challenge on a good day at the office, in a remote workspace the task has its own special nuances, particularly when people are dispersed. It helps to agree on exactly what “culture” – a sort of working identity that employees can feel every day – is.

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Practice Business – The seven pillars of a positive workplace culture

When it comes to culture, what are the best companies and organisations doing? I started to ask myself this question in 2009, when necessity pushed me to learn all that I could about what makes great companies tick in order to save my employment screening service – PeopleG2. This kicked off a process of conversations, reading and interviews which deepened my understanding of how culture affects business performance – and who had gained the most by it.

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Female First – Are You Listening? How To Practice Meaningful Listening At Work

One of the seven pillars of cultural greatness is listening. In fact, the companies that know how to listen best and are among the top 5 percent of businesses worldwide. By happy coincidence, that is where you’d like your enterprise to be. So, all you have do is open your ears at work, right? Well, not so fast. You can’t do it alone.

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Execunet – As a Leader, I Turn to Love When I Get Lonely

It’s lonely at the top! I know this to be true from personal experience, and I hear it from my fellow CEOs all the time. In fact, if you attend any sort of leadership roundtable, loneliness is a top complaint. Leading an organization, team, or group can often mean that you—and you alone—are responsible for every detail in the big picture.

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John Livesay Podcast – The Power Of Company Culture with Chris Dyer

A good team makes good business, so screening for the right person is very critical for every business owner. Chris Dyer, Founder of PeopleG2, know that the key to communicating well with applicants is being honest and transparent. When he does screenings, Chris controls the conversation. He doesn’t just look at the negative patterns of an applicant, but also the positive ones leading people to be more open towards him and communicative. Chris shares the power of company culture as way to know what you should and shouldn’t do during a background check.

Listen to the Interview or Read the Transcript

CEO Word Magazine – The Story We Tell Ourselves

The decision to change or improve a company’s culture can spark both excitement and anxiety. Some organizations call in an expert to help them navigate the process.

When I have gone in to help a company, the energy level is always palpable through the next few days of intense meetings, planning sessions, storyboarding—and the inevitable arguments. I use that energy to get everyone on the same page.

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MinuteHack – Culture Is The Winning Advantage

When I was seven years old, my grandfather took me to the horse track to watch the races. He was not the gambling type, but knew this kind of outing would make me happy. Immediately, I devoured the data in the racing program, finding the best horse names and their track records.  When I explained in great detail why my grandfather should bet on one horse versus another, he gave me the kind of laugh that indicated my enthusiasm was far ahead of my knowledge. He then explained, “If you want to win, bet on the jockey and not the horse.” I would not find the wisdom in that statement until I became an adult.

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ByteStart – The power of ‘Thank You’ – Why acknowledging success breeds success

Starting a business often consists of putting out fires. Despite all the planning and contingency scenarios, you may have drawn up in preparation, you usually have to rectify things that have gone wrong before you can focus on what’s right.

As you move past the start-up phase, you’ll want to flip that equation. Then, as you begin to identify what’s working well, look at the people on your team who are getting that good work done – and thank them for it.

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“Wonderfully thorough. This is the book every CEO will have on their desk this year. Start tackling the biggest areas for growth while evolving your company to stay ahead and inspire. A must-read!”

Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times No 1 bestselling author

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