Your sales team can make or break your organization’s success. When they’re continually coming up with innovative ideas, bringing in new business, and making sure current clients stay happy, your company will grow and thrive. But when sales teams become less engaged and productive, the fallout can be felt across the entire company.

As the CEO of a fully-remote workforce with 26 full-time employees and 3,000 independent contractors, Chris Dyer has a deep understanding of the benefits and challenges that come with virtual teams. His company, PeopleG2, is routinely ranked one of the best places to work. They are also one of Inc.’s 5000 fastest-growing companies, and their sales team doesn’t have turnover. Chris attributes much of this success to creating a phenomenal virtual workforce where salespeople strive to do their best every single day.

In this keynote, Chris shares his secrets for developing a high-performance culture where a virtual sales team will thrive. Come see why bolstering your sales team can be the magic bullet to hit your numbers while coming under budget.

Learning Objectives:

  • Developing a familial workplace culture where remote salespeople feel emotionally connected and invested
  • Building two-way trust and better communication between remote employees and managers
  • Supporting team chemistry and capitalizing on “water cooler magic” from afar
“Chris is a world-class speaker. His presentations are straightforward and often with a startling sense of humor.”
Kim Shepherd, CEO, Decision Toolbox
“Chris is an engaging and creative storyteller. His passion for talent and culture continues to engage the audience, while having spot-on implications for anyone looking to improve.”
William Tincup, SPHR, CEO at Tincup & Co, Writer for Fistful of Talent

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