All salespeople want to be successful as f*ck (AF), but most have untapped potential. In this high-energy keynote, Chris Dyer shares insightful ways to supercharge your team’s ability to perform.

A highly-accomplished entrepreneur, Chris has more than 25 years of experience growing sales through ingenuity and creativity, all on a shoestring budget. Using unconventional methods, he grew his business by a million dollars in his first year, with virtually no funding. In other words, he’s been successful AF. He applies the principles he’s learned firsthand, along with years of research on performance, to inspire sales teams to reach new heights.

In this interactive and light-hearted keynote, Chris helps salespeople view their efforts through a new lens. Rather than focusing on what’s not working, he helps people understand what is working, and why. This simple change in focusing on positivity, strengths, and celebrating one’s uniqueness unlocks a whole new level of effectiveness.

A highlight of the presentation, Chris takes the audience through an exercise in appreciative inquiry that is proven to help people become better problem solvers. Audience members will leave feeling recharged and ready to get it done.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding personal KPIs and integrating them into daily practices
  • Leveraging uniqueness to build trust, rapport, and commitment
  • Discovering a new way to look at any level of results with positivity and an opportunity to learn
“Chris is a world-class speaker. His presentations are straightforward and often with a startling sense of humor.”
Kim Shepherd, CEO, Decision Toolbox
“Chris is an engaging and creative storyteller. His passion for talent and culture continues to engage the audience, while having spot-on implications for anyone looking to improve.”
William Tincup, SPHR, CEO at Tincup & Co, Writer for Fistful of Talent

“Passionate and engaging”

“Wonderful style! Love the company stories.”

“Very knowledgeable with unique insight.”

“He was so funny and made it applicable to real work”

“Loved it!”

“Best workshop! Dove deep into culture and ideas.”

“Great content - very well prepared and presented.”

“Relatable real words. Simple slides, great presentation.”

“Very engaging”

“Excellent examples and stories”

“Great insight and advice”

“Great info! Confident speaker with light humor who kept it interesting.”