As the most over-sold-to department in an organization, HR professionals are bombarded with calls and emails about a range of products and services. It’s hard for salespeople to stand out, and even harder to differentiate and not be seen as a commodity.

With 18 years of selling to HR professionals, Chris Dyer offers sage advice on the intricacies and unique challenges of selling products and services that fall into the realm of HR. In this presentation, Chris explains how to think differently about the HR customer. He shows how you can find the right data to frame products and services as a cost-savings opportunity, rather than an expense. He shows the power of homing in on asking the right questions early in the sales cycle to get the information that will allow you to craft a better proposal. And perhaps most importantly, Chris demonstrates how to pivot the selling strategy when key stakeholders outside of HR step in at the last minute to influence decisions.

Come learn how a few adjustments in your approach can create massive differences in your results!

Learning Objectives:

  • Proactively offering value during sales touchpoints to encourage engagement
  • Understanding the level of complexity to include in the pitch
  • Pivoting the selling strategy when C-Suite leaders engage in the sales process
“Chris is a world-class speaker. His presentations are straightforward and often with a startling sense of humor.”
Kim Shepherd, CEO, Decision Toolbox
“Chris is an engaging and creative storyteller. His passion for talent and culture continues to engage the audience, while having spot-on implications for anyone looking to improve.”
William Tincup, SPHR, CEO at Tincup & Co, Writer for Fistful of Talent

“Passionate and engaging”

“Wonderful style! Love the company stories.”

“Very knowledgeable with unique insight.”

“He was so funny and made it applicable to real work”

“Loved it!”

“Best workshop! Dove deep into culture and ideas.”

“Great content - very well prepared and presented.”

“Relatable real words. Simple slides, great presentation.”

“Very engaging”

“Excellent examples and stories”

“Great insight and advice”

“Great info! Confident speaker with light humor who kept it interesting.”