A highly engaging leadership speaker, Chris Dyer has 20+ years of experience working with leading organizations across the country. As a certified SCRUM Master, he is adept at helping teams work through obstacles too find solutions quickly and effectively.

The following keynotes can be adapted to workshops or multi-day training sessions. Don’t work harder; work smarter. Chris Dyer will show you how.

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The Generational Divide: How to Build a Forward-Looking Culture Through Generational Diversity

Today’s employee pool consists of individuals across five generations, and the most successful organizations recognize the value each of these groups brings to the table. But what happens when the generations are at odds with each other in your organization? How can you turn these generational challenges into collaboration success? Learn More

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the value of having a diverse employee base with representation across generations
  • Identifying potential challenges employees may face when working with individuals from different generations
  • Using generational differences to build a forward-looking culture

The Workplace of the Future: Avoiding Common Virtual Workplace Pitfalls

Work used to be something done in offices. Today, it’s done in coffeeshops, coworking spaces, and on couches across the world. Not only does remote work provide better work-life balance for employees, it can be highly beneficial to employers as well, including increased employee engagement, higher retention, and lower operating costs. Learn More

Learning Objectives:

  • Developing a familial workplace culture where remote salespeople feel emotionally connected and invested
  • Building two-way trust and better communication between remote employees and managers
  • Supporting team chemistry and capitalizing on “water cooler magic” from afar

Why Failing Doesn’t Suck: How to Rejoice in Your Face-Palm Moments

Mistakes, failures, errors, blunders, and mishaps. Are you feeling uncomfortable yet? No one is perfect, but we all hope for a perfect performance at work. Guess what? It’s not going to happen! In this refreshing keynote, Chris Dyer shows how constantly trying to avoid mistakes can be even more detrimental than the occasional slip-up. Learn More

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the difference between mistakes and errors, and communicating what’s acceptable
  • Managing mistakes with empathy, transparency, and fairness
  • Following mistakes toward improvement

Growing Your Business from $1-5 Million

Going from $1-5M is one of the hardest things business leaders will ever do. Just like typical teenage years, the decisions you make at this crucial stage of the business lifecycle impact your trajectory years later. Are you prepared to manage the constant change and risk inherent in this level of growth? Learn More

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding when you’re ready to hire for key senior roles, and whether you need to recruit externally
  • Expanding and evolving business operations without losing the essence of what’s driving success
  • Carving out the right amount of time for strategy, creative thinking, and innovation

WTF?! – 7 Cultural Changes that Matter

Are you stuck figuring out where to focus (WTF) to improve engagement and performance? After years of research and countless interviews with top leaders, Chris Dyer has uncovered seven key ingredients that matter in every workplace. These unconventional factors have the power to transform any culture, kick-starting productivity, performance, and profits. Learn More

Learning Objectives:

  • Uncovering the top seven things that make a difference at work
  • Learning how to better budget time and effort to make improvements
  • Developing a personal plan for WTF

What your employees really want, but won’t tell you

Keeping good employees is so much easier than finding and hiring new ones. But in a world where people always have their eye out for the next best thing, how do you know what will make top talent stick around? Learn More

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the top seven things that make employees stay
  • Capitalizing on your culture’s strengths
  • Improving engagement and retention strategies, with a focus on Millennials

Listening is Sexy

What is the one quality that people value in virtually any type of relationship? Being a good listener. Unfortunately, listening doesn’t evoke the sexiness it deserves. This provocative keynote aims to change that, since having a company full of purposeful listeners is the ultimate weapon for building an extraordinary culture. Learn More

Learning Objectives:

  • Overcoming barriers to listening, such as internal and external distractions, and cognitive biases.
  • Developing formal and informal communication practices for improving listening
  • Leveraging purposeful listening to build trust, teamwork, and commitment

Selling to HR

As the most over-sold-to department in an organization, HR professionals are bombarded with calls and emails about a range of products and services. It’s hard for salespeople to stand out, and even harder to differentiate and not be seen as a commodity. Learn More

Learning Objectives:

  • Proactively offering value during sales touchpoints to encourage engagement
  • Understanding the level of complexity to include in the pitch
  • Pivoting the selling strategy when C-Suite leaders engage in the sales process

Sales and Engagement: A Combo That’s Successful AF

All salespeople want to be successful as f*ck (AF), but most have untapped potential. In this high-energy keynote, Chris Dyer shares insightful ways to supercharge your team’s ability to perform. Learn More

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding personal KPIs and integrating them into daily practices
  • Leveraging uniqueness to build trust, rapport, and commitment
  • Discovering a new way to look at any level of results with positivity and an opportunity to learn

What your prospects really want, but won’t tell you

When it comes to relating to people who are different from us, humans have a natural inclination to get it wrong. Our cognitive biases get in the way of effectively communicating, and most of the time, we don’t even notice it’s happening. When we have this much trouble truly connecting with others, how do we sell effectively to diverse prospects? In this compelling keynote, Chris Dyer shares a fresh perspective for building relationships with sales leads, understanding what’s important to them, and earning their trust. Learn More

Learning Objectives:

  • Overcoming cognitive biases that hinder performance
  • Understanding the right time to deliver content and pricing in the sales process.
  • Knowing when to shut up and let prospects lead you to the close
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