The 1% Method Intensive

Spend 1% of your year getting it right … and the results will change your company forever.

1% Method Intensive

Everything is great on paper.

That little idea you started with has blown up to big revenue, your scrappy team of three has grown to a healthy staff of 150+, and when it comes to winning contracts, you’re punching way above your weight.

And yet, 15 minutes into every Monday morning, you want to close your office door and never come out again.

You’re constantly being pulled into meaningless meetings that end up being a toxic mess of complaints and confusion. (And don’t even get you started on your inbox. Talk about garbage fire.)

Your staff is looking to you for answers about everything all the time, and you want to help, but you can’t be everywhere all at once. Hell, you’re growing so fast you don’t even recognize half of the people in the halls anymore.

And as much as you hate it, you’ve become “that guy” — the one who has his phone permanently glued to his hand, the one who’s only halfway there during family time, and the one who can’t take a weekend off without it cascading into several weeks’ worth of crisis clean-up.

The worst part?

While everyone around you is telling you how great you’ve got it, you know you’re one misstep away from things going badly wrong … and if the company fails, it’s going to be on you.

The common sense business advice is to make a big change, just keep pushing, and then eventually, someday, maybe, things will work out. Right?

Oh so wrong.

Because you don’t need massive changes. You need massive results. And the way you get those? Making incredibly targeted, 1% shifts.

Join us for 1 weekend to clarify the exact next steps to take your company to the next level –– and get your life back.

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“When I think of the best companies and my personal experience working with Fortune 500 companies, I think of culture and leadership. When I think of how to do it, I think of Chris Dyer.”

–– Steve Canal, MillerCoors National Community Affairs and Bestselling Author of Mind of a Winner

There is power in precision.

A 1% change in performance can make the difference between getting by and going for the gold.

Chris should know –– he’s a recognized performance expert who’s been obsessed with getting the biggest returns for the smallest investment throughout his whole career. Before he took his talents to the business world, he worked with hundreds of Olympic hopefuls as a high-level coach fine-tuning this method of micro-tweaks.

Once he made the switch to business, he grew fast, and then had to learn the hard way to follow his own advice.

Faced with his company on the brink of failure, he finally realized the same methodology he used to turn a struggling swimmer around would work for his business too.

He started using his 1% methodology, and grew the business into an award-winning workplace listed three times in the Inc 5000 list as one of the fastest growing private companies, and turned his obsession with the key drivers of productivity and results into expertise in creating the type of culture that makes a good company great.

He’s the guy top organizations call to transform their cultures, boost performance, and gain an even greater edge in the marketplace. Why? Because they know he can walk into a company, spot exactly where they’re going wrong and tell them precisely how to fix it. By the time he walks out again, he’s not only revolutionized the way they work — but also their bottom line.

And he can do that for you too.

Because here’s the truth: whether you’re trying to improve as a high performance athlete or as a high achieving business owner, the process is the same.

You start out making great progress, because you’ve got nowhere to go but up. But over time, the law of diminishing returns comes into play. Those big, indiscriminate efforts lead to smaller and smaller payoffs.

This is where most people give up.

Because when you’re working your ass off day in and day out and still not seeing the results you want, it’s frustrating. It’s exhausting. And eventually, it wears you down so much you wonder if it’s even worth it anymore. (Sound familiar?)

You’ve got to get laser-focused.

If you get smart about your changes, and make laser-focused tweaks, then something awesome happens: that initial relationship between improvements and results flips, and you start to get really big results from very small changes.

An improvement as small as 1% starts to lead to exponential results.

But you can’t get there by yourself. Just as an Olympic hopeful can’t see how they’re tilting their head slightly too far to the left, or know they need to rotate their shoulders differently until their coach shows them, you don’t know what you don’t know about your business until someone helps you see it.

You need someone who knows what they’re doing, and who’s able to see what’s going on in your business with an analytical outsider’s view to help you see your blind spots and work out a plan that gives you the biggest results for the smallest changes.

Chris does that better than anybody in the business.

That’s what’s on the table here.

Spend 4 days — that’s just 1% of your year — and get a fix for what’s wrong now, a plan for taking your business to sustainable success, and the processes to replicate that up-leveling again and again and again.

You can’t read the label from inside the jar and you can’t grow your company, figure out the right next steps, or fix your culture without help. You need to declutter your plan, your process, and most importantly, your mind to get clear results. 

That’s why we’ve set up this weekend so you’ll learn:

  • How to figure out exactly what you need to be focusing on right now to get the biggest return on your time and energy.
  • What opportunities are coming down the pike for you, and how you can pre-emptively leverage them now.
  • Why your biggest asset isn’t your product, your people, or even yourself –– it’s your culture. (Plus how you can develop the 7 pillars of effective workplace culture that will keep your business strong in times of struggle.)
  • The biggest possible mistake you can make in business –– hint: you’re totally making it –– and how to fix it.
  • What happens when you develop a core group of allies that has your back and holds you accountable for translating all of that retreat enthusiasm into effective action come Monday morning.

You’ll walk away overflowing with grade-A ideas specifically designed to supercharge your business, a concrete plan for how to get everything rolling, and a group of peers to back you up going forward.

And you’ll do it all with the personal attention of an industry leader who’s got the experience, the chops, and the investment in your success to make it one of the most transformative weekends of your life.

“Chris’s book is the book every CEO will have on their desk this year. Start tackling the biggest areas for growth while evolving your company to stay ahead and inspire. A must-read!”

–– Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times No 1 bestselling author

Look, you can bootstrap and DIY and put out fires 24/7/365, until you or your business gives out.

Or you can get smart about your leadership, develop the culture for sustainable scalability and long term growth, and start enjoying your success again.

It’s up to you.

Stop looking for big, sweeping, systemic changes you don’t actually need and don’t have time to implement anyway. Join yet another 90 day business bootcamp, shell out way too much for a one-off consult with the latest guru of the month. Stare down that stack of leadership books you’ll never actually finish.

Or join us for 1% of your year and learn how to make the targeted changes that will transform your business.

Chris is going to take 6 business owners to the next level in one weekend. Is one of them you?

The details:

  • Over 4 intensive days, we’ll deep dive into exactly what’s going on in your business right now, then create a precision analysis of what you need to do to to get out of panic mode and start confidently playing in the big leagues, knowing you’ve got the foundational culture to back it up.
  • You’ll be one of 6 carefully selected high-achieving business owners ready to go all in and raise your game.
  • We’ll be hanging out in luxury accommodations in California. Think: cool, comfortable, lots of space for work and reflection. The perfect surroundings for big thinking and smart shifts.
  • All the food and booze you want, daily exercise, hikes, and other activities, all included. We’ll even pick you up from the airport.

$10,000 inaugural price!

Spots are strictly limited.

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“Let Chris teach you how to deal with people, companies, culture, crises and change. You’ll learn how a visionary creates a culture and assembles a company around it and how to create work with meaning that fires up employee passion.”

–– Kim Shepherd CEO, Decision Toolbox


Is The 1% Method Intensive right for me?
You tell us. Are you:

  • An open minded business owner who believes the way to run a modern business is to fill it with highly engaged people, and give them the company culture they need so you don’t have to micromanage them every second of every day?
  • Someone who’s read all the books and now wants a personal plan for your business?
  • Growing so fast you don’t have time to figure out where to start (or where you’re stuck?)
  • Jealously giving the side-eye to companies with amazing cultures, like Google, Southwest Airlines, Nike, and GM, and really want that for yourself?

Then you’re one of us.

On the other hand, you can give this a pass if you’re:

  • Only looking for a quick fix.
  • Vehemently opposed to diving in and getting to work. If you’re more into memos than meaningful engagement, this isn’t going to work.
  • Looking for a support group to whine at, rather than an engaged group of your peers who will hold you accountable, cheer you on, and amplify your successes.
  • Want to be Google, but have the budget of a mom and pop shop.
Will this fix my business overnight?
C’mon … you already know the answer to this. This is an intensive, not a magic wand. It’s not going to fix every single problem in your business overnight. But it will give you a crystal clear roadmap for what you need to do to knock out those problems and reach your next growth point.
Will you do the work for me?
Nope. By attending this, you do get the opportunity to do some invite-only 1-2-1 work for me, but I’m not the leader in your business, you are. For me to step in and lead for you is to do a disservice both to you and the business.
Is this method a fit for my industry?
Do you have people in your business? Then yes.

Industries differ, but effective culture is universal. The types of changes you’ll be making work in any industry. (Think we’re exaggerating? Chris has worked with everyone from Citi to Honda, MillerCoors to Lorna Jane and more. He will help you too.)

What if I can’t make it? Or (worse) it’s a total waste of my time? Will you give me my money back?
If you have a terrible family emergency and can’t make this date, we’ll happily transfer your spot to an upcoming 1% Intensive.

If you come and get nothing out of the weekend at all, you’ll get every dollar back, less expenses. You just need to ask before you leave on Sunday. This has never happened to any of Chris’s clients, but we want you to feel totally secure this is a great decision.

What if I want more, can I work with Chris alone?
Attending this event does give you the opportunity to apply to do some 1-2-1 work with Chris after the event. (And since he’s currently not taking any new consulting clients outside of the 1% Intensive cohorts, this alone is worth the price of admission!)
Why should I join this Mastermind instead of just working with a mentor?
Mentors are fantastic, and you should definitely have one. But just as an intensive can’t stand in for a mentor, a mentor can’t stand in for a Mastermind. Masterminds make the difference between theoretical learning and implementation.

Case in point: Chris used to set aside a couple days a year to go away and think. He came away full of ideas and insights … all of which ended up in a dusty pile on his desk.

In fact, it took the rest of the year for him to act on them.

He had to go around laboriously finding people to validate his conclusions. He had to take even more time to figure out which of his ideas were good, which ones were most important right now, and which ones were actually not worth the time at all. And of course, there was the frustrating feeling of having to start building momentum from scratch every single time he got a second to sit down and think about this stuff. By the time he really got going on anything, it was almost time for another retreat!

We’ve all been there. You might even just think “that’s the way retreats work”.

But here’s the difference between a retreat and an intensive Mastermind. Being part of a Mastermind lets you do all of that work while the ideas are fresh, leaving you ready to walk away and act on your best stuff.

Plus, you get a whole new group of allies to amplify your reach and impact. Is it any wonder Chris says the most impactful thing he’s ever done for his clients is offer facilitated Masterminds? (And this coming from a man who has a bestselling book, a top ranked podcast on iTunes and iHeartRadio, and award winning company for employee satisfaction!)

How much can you really get done in just one weekend?
That’s up to you. You can absolutely come to this weekend and mess around and not do much. Or you could make it the 4 days that form the basis of your next stage of business. Let’s put it this way: if you show up committed, you can get an absolutely astonishing amount of work done in this intensive weekend, and get a plan to keep that momentum rolling once you leave.
Wait, what were those details again?
We’re so glad you asked … keep scrolling.

1% shifts. 1% of your year. 10,000%+ change in your business.

Here’s those details again:

  • 4 intense days where you get a crystal clear understanding of where you are, why you’re here, and how you’re going to get to your next growth point.
  • 6 carefully selected, high achieving business owners looking to create meaningful, high-impact changes in their business. (AKA people who actually get what you’re going through, and who will be your strategic allies going forward.)
  • 4 days/3 nights luxury accommodation in California; everything is included except your travel.
  • 1 industry expert who’s distilled 10 years of research and experience into a weekend’s worth of targeted training.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed, no hassle, full refund policy.
  • Super rare 1-2-1 coaching spots open upon invitation.
  • $10,000,000 worth of ideas.
  • 1 clear next step to take to get it all started on Monday.

$10,000 inaugural price!

Think you’re one of our 6?

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“Chris has invaluable tools to help any company assess the state of their culture and implement meaningful change to transform their organization from the inside out.”

–– Alison Hadden, Head of Brand Strategy at Glassdoor.