The 1% Method Call With Liz Scully

It’s time to GET OUT OF DODGE. Peace out for 4 days. Adios spouse, kids, energy-sucking vampires, employees, and the things distracting you from getting to the next level.

Hello Sunshine in Southern California, a deep breath of fresh air & time to reflect, focused time with an expert in Company Culture and engagement design, without the bull$hit of monthly peer groups. A growing company like yours needs a leader that can stop, get some ‘me’ time, connect with a select few other CEOs who are on your level, and learn how to increase productivity, performance, and profits… in just 4 DAYS.

If you’ve hit your limit, you’re ready to connect with people who ‘get it’, and you want to focus on becoming the best version of yourself to take your company to the next level… My ‘1% Method’ is going to take you there.

What Are They Saying

“Chris’s book is the book every CEO will have on their desk this year. Start tackling the biggest areas for growth while evolving your company to stay ahead and inspire. A must-read!”

–– Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times No 1 bestselling author

“Chris has invaluable tools to help any company assess the state of their culture and implement meaningful change to transform their organization from the inside out.”

–– Alison Hadden, Head of Brand Strategy at Glassdoor.

“When I think of the best companies and my personal experience working with Fortune 500 companies, I think of culture and leadership. When I think of how to do it, I think of Chris Dyer.”

–– Steve Canal, MillerCoors National Community Affairs and Bestselling Author of Mind of a Winner