Get Sh*t done with Scrum: A project management webinar for us non software people!


Get Sh*t done with Scrum: A project management webinar for us non software people!

Date/Time: Thursday, August 22, 2019 9:30 am Pacific Daylight Time
Panelist(s) Info: Chris Dyer, CEO of PeopleG2 and author of “The Power of Company Culture”
Duration: 1 hour

Did you know the most innovative companies use Scrum/Agile to manage their projects? Scrum was invented for the software development process, but it works amazingly well for managing projects outside of software. In fact, switching to Scrum has been revolutionary in how my company gets things done. We now do twice as much in half the time. Join this webinar to learn what Scrum is, how you can use it easily, and how it can benefit your teams and company.

The webinar will be led by Chris Dyer, certified Scrum Master, and CEO of PeopleG2.

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What Are They Saying


“Chris’s book is the book every CEO will have on their desk this year. Start tackling the biggest areas for growth while evolving your company to stay ahead and inspire. A must-read!”

–– Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times No 1 bestselling author


“Chris has invaluable tools to help any company assess the state of their culture and implement meaningful change to transform their organization from the inside out.”

–– Alison Hadden, Head of Brand Strategy at Glassdoor.


“When I think of the best companies and my personal experience working with Fortune 500 companies, I think of culture and leadership. When I think of how to do it, I think of Chris Dyer.”

–– Steve Canal, MillerCoors National Community Affairs and Bestselling Author of Mind of a Winner